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Macross Zero - VF-0D Phoenix - Action Figure

Macross Zero - VF-0D Phoenix - Action Figure

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Shin Kudo and Edgar LaSalle's VF-0D Phoenix . from "Macross Zero ." joins the Hi-Metal R series! Featuring a new head design and double-seat cockpit . plus the distinctive canards and clipped delta wings of the D version Valkyrie! [Set Contents]Main Body . Missile launcher carrying wings (L/R) . Four pairs of optional hands . Battroid mode small wings . Gunpod . Pitot tube (Fighter Mode) x2 . Pitot tube (Battroid Mode) . Medium-range air to air missiles x2 . Missile launcher x2 . Display joint part set . Air intake shutters (closed) L/R . Landing gear (front and rear L/R) . Stand set

  • Size: Approx. 5.5 inches High
  • Manufacturer: Tamashii Nations
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