Let’s be calm but classy, black yet royal, hippy but timeless. Melanin Inc is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of Afrocentric products. We offer excellent products with premium quality you will never regret.


Economic equality is an area of racial equality that has been overlooked for a long time. True power can only be wielded when the colored community is empowered with money, lots of money and as many opportunities.

That's why the importance of businesses owned by the black population can not be over emphasized when discussing the quest for equality among all races. Every single moment you support black owned businesses, you directly support monetary freedom and development in the colored community. And your patronage goes a long way in supporting businesses that are involved in donations to charity organizations.

Since we've launched, we have been able to fulfill over 50,000+ orders and still growing dramatically thanks to our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. We've accomplished a growing list of 10's of thousand of people who believe in our brand.


Melanininc.com is a Black-owned and operated internet retail site that specializes in African American related products and gifts.

The artifacts and items displayed on this website very well showcases the richness of black culture. Our wide spread variety of items ranging from décor to jewelry and antiques all provide a symbol of our unflinching support and belief in black communities worldwide.

Most of our products are stored in warehouses of Vendors we partner with and quickly shipped to your front door. We also have vendors who are part of the brand, they make transactions possible by directly selling products on the website which is also made possible by warehousing and shipments this process is quite similar to the way Amazon.com operates. Providing excellent and exceptional customer service is our goal while providing the ultimate online shopping experience for black owned goods.

If you are looking for some inspiration or ideas, you can browse through our well-stocked catalog. We offer a wide variety of products, so you do not need to bother with the hassle of shopping in 3 different specialty stores.

If you are looking for a matching bathroom set, inspirational canvas art, fashionable apparel, or swimwear that are essential to your funky and ethnic style, Melanin Inc is the end of your search. You shouldn’t hesitate!

We are in business of creating long lasting impressions in regards to online shopping experiences with black owned companies. We promise to be of Great service tomorrow as we were yesterday.

We would be thrilled to hear from you so please do sign up to the mailing list and send us a message on the contact us page of this website, anytime