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August 31, 2018 3 min read 5 Comments

Interracial relationships are becoming more popular by the day. A 2017 analysis shows that in 2015, 17% of newlyweds married from a different race. In the black community, the numbers are even higher with black men having greater tendencies to marry outside their race.

A lot of opinions have been made about interracial relationships. While the term itself is quite broad ranging from other races such as Asia, Indian, Brazilian, and so on, it seems to affect the African American society more.

It is true that interracial relationships have come a long way from a time where they were viewed outright as abnormal, to a generation where we have developed some level of acceptance.

Nevertheless, this progress is quite small seeing as we still have to ask questions like "how would my family react to my white partner?"

To most older African American parents your Latino or Brazilian partner is still classified as white. They have come to develop a cultural intolerance for white skin. These opinions have done more to hurt us, as black girls and boys are stigmatized and called "fetish" for dating outside their race. We create a situation where a black male or female is silently accused of dating outside their race because they are trying to live a better life or rise above their culture.

Therefore, if you were to date specifically "a white" partner, you have to think long and hard about your family's opinion and how you will be perceived in the society.

In today's generation, most persons are brought up to believe their family has no problem with race, other families make it quite clear that while they do not hate another race, they would not be excited if any child was to bring home a white partner. We can all agree that the source of these problems is quite deep and might never be resolved.

Apart from the fact that a white partner is seen as breaking unseen boundaries, other fears stem from continuity. There are apparent differences between the white culture and the black culture hence with interracial relationships some people worry that one culture might be pushed into the background allowing the other to dominate.

Parents, as well as those involved in such relationships, often worry about a cultural connection to their partner. Sometimes these fears are unfounded, and the best solution would be to see such a relationship as an adventure or opportunity to learn new things. We have to accept the fact that having a white partner ought not to be the subject. It is merely a person, in a beautiful relationship with another person.

Differences should serve as a point of strength rather than division or discrimination.
So, in the question of bringing your white partner home, the answer is entirely up to you. You cannot ignore the facts and possibility of rejection. But the choice is always yours. It is advisable to introduce your family to the idea of interracial relationships long before you bring your partner home. Weigh their reactions and try to reach a point of understanding. Assure your loved ones of your respect and love for your culture. Having a white partner does not mean you hate your roots; instead it is a result of uncontrollable emotion.

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5 Responses


December 15, 2018

I once felt there wasn’t anything wrong with marrying/dating outside of one’s culture. I was married to a non-black woman for over 20 years and divorced. But at this stage in my life, I don’t imagine myself being married to a woman unless she was black. I must admit I get a little upset, especially when I see a successful black person in the news, male and female marrying a person out of their culture. The whole world hates blacks and attempts to make us feel worthless, and I feel that people who marry out of their culture may also have a little of that hate in their hearts against their own people.

Deanea Williams
Deanea Williams

November 28, 2018

Love is love, so I can’t go against fate, however,in order to secure and strengthen the African race I don’t think Its a good idea to date a white person. Unless you die hard love that person


November 19, 2018

Love doesn’t recognize color !


November 14, 2018

ABSOLUTELY…love is love❤


September 02, 2018

I would bring a Blue partner home. These days n age color Does not Matter

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