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The controversy over black women wearing their natural hair has been a part of the American society for the longest time. These issues extend from disapproval in the workplace to even colleges and other educational institutions. Unfortunately, while we seem to have started scraping the surface for support of natural hair in the United States, the struggle remains in the American society and other countries like the UK.


Black women have been made to feel that wearing their hair in its natural state makes them look unkempt and unprofessional. It is also viewed as a blatant show of black culture. This stigma has served as an obstacle to the careers of so many black women. Those who refuse to feel uncomfortable with the hair that grows from their head have had to make hard choices to move forward with their careers. Others have felt compelled to stretch and straighten their hair to remain acceptable in the workplace.


The fact is that the natural hair of a black woman is different from that of a white woman. This disparity begins from the growth of the hair to its maintenance. It is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. It is just the way your hair grows.


Here are some brief facts on a black woman's natural hair.

  • Black hair is different from the roots

Black hair is characterized by tightly curled strands. It is a feature peculiar to the race, and it grows upwards rather than downwards. This is why black hair is perfectly suited for puffs and afro styles that defy gravity.


  • Black hair can be styled in unique ways.

A perm for a black woman is otherwise known as relaxing or straightening hair. It is the application of chemicals to reduce thick curls. Other ways to style black hair include weaves, extensions, braids and locs. These hairstyles are specific for black hair because of its texture.


  • Black hair is not washed every day

A black woman does not need to fear excess oil in their hair. It is harder for the natural oils we produce to travel through the curves of black hair, but it is the exact opposite of hair in other races who have straight strands. Therefore, black women do not need to wash their hair frequently. It is not dirty or unheard of it is merely maintaining the balance of natural oils to keep black hair healthy and bouncy.


At Melanin INC we believe in black excellence and black beauty. Your natural hair is your identity, and it is as normal as the skin on your body. We encourage you to wear your natural hair with pride and confidence. But what are your thoughts? Comment below

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Hyaline Robinson
Hyaline Robinson

November 29, 2018

I love my TWA. Natural beauty is powerful!

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