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September 09, 2018 3 min read 2 Comments

Instagram is only one of the largest social media platforms. It's similar to others like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram allows people to connect on different levels, showcase their lives and so on. As far as social networks go, Instagram has done a good job of expanding and connecting people not just socially but on business levels too.



However, Instagram is not the subject of the day. Somewhere in our perfectly photographed lives, there exists the most beautiful yet undervalued and continuously oppressed group of people- they are black women. From the beginning of time, black women have remained unappreciated and unsupported by the world. They are the singular most hardworking group who has had to literally face hell to get any measure of goodness in their lives. Even more painful is the fact that those they sacrifice for quickly join the fold of naysayers and hypocrites.


Black women have always faced the hottest part of the flames of oppression and racism. They have always been viewed as objects of "fetishism and brutality." We find ourselves at a point where white women are symbolized as pure, virtuous, desirable, and innocent while black women are merely sexual prey by men of their own culture and of course white males.


This degrading treatment is on display everywhere you turn to see a black woman trying to exist. It is on the streets, in the schools, in the workplaces and even more prevalent on social media.


Many times you would find black women been targeted by online sexual predators and womanizers, simply because they have come to perceive the black female as sexual objects. On platforms like Instagram, it is not uncommon to find lewd and ignorant comments on black women. Surprisingly, successful black women are not left out of this stigmatization. It is almost as though the world is upset by a strong black woman who has dared to rise above the hate and the pain.


Mothers teach their daughters to view themselves in the same suppressed way. Where white women can enjoy sexual freedom and wilful dominion over men, black women are held in cultural chains that do nothing to applaud their virtue. A black woman who would in any way flex the arm of sexual freedom is the classic definition of a "Ho." Society tries to force black women into thinking they are less desirable than white women only because of their skin.


As the culture seeks for equality with movements like #blacklivesmatter, would the hurt, and degraded black women have a clause in this too? Do black female lives matter?


Not too long ago we saw the embarrassing backlash received by basketball star LeBron James when he praised Black women on Instagram in light of the achievements of successful black women like Beyonce, Lupita Nyong'o, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey and others. His words were "Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than colored women!! Thank you all for continuing to not settle and setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching! #Womenpower"


The most upset audience were white women.


Then again there's the shameless fetishizes attack on Serena Williams' body by the public. In the words of young Amandla Stenberg when she posted on Instagram three years ago "Deeply ingrained into culture is the notion that black female bodies, at the intersection of oppression, are less than human and therefore unattractive. When the media is not ignoring black women altogether, they are disparaging them" 

But what are your thoughts? Comment below

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2 Responses


November 26, 2018

What alarms me farther is the on going fetishized thoughts now put into action on television and movies and how many young adults and children embrace this as normal. This problem has disease has gone on too long and the removal can only be done by those who are being perpetrated against. Again we have blackeomen saddled with an impossible task that they are taking head on against great difficulty. We must turn around our thinking aswen and love the most in lovable in ourselves and each other to heal ourselves of this cancer, we must stop competing with each other and be the help we seek.

Cynthia Breathett
Cynthia Breathett

November 18, 2018

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